First Appearance – do I need a lawyer?

Yes.    There are all advantages to having a lawyer at 1st Appearance and no drawbacks. First, your lawyer can challenge the probable cause determination. Second, your lawyer can advocate to a own recognizance release or lower bond. Finally, your lawyer can gather...

Phone call versus email

I get this question a lot – “Should I email you or call you?”   It’s a matter of personal comfort and need, but email is really the more efficient way to communicate.   An email is often focused on the question or issue and can be easily reviewed and re-reviewed as...

Do I need to be in Court?

In many cases the client does not need to appear in Court.  This can provide valuable time to work and/or deal with family commitments. Ask you lawyer if your attendance is necessary at upco,ING court events.

Pleas in Absentia

A Plea in Absentia is a common way to resolve misdemeanor cases.   But beware of the following pitfalls:  Always make sure you report to probation as soon as the plea is finalized. Check in with the Clerk of Court on ANY payments that need to be made. Obtain a signed...

Jacksonville Office

Way Law Firm will retain an office in Jacksonville.   We are proud to be relocating to 25 North Market Street, Suite 217, Jacksonville, Florida 32202.


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