Pleased to report a huge victory for client O.M. in a hotly contested DUI trial. Yesterday the trial court granted our Motion to Suppress. All of the State’ incriminating evidence is now suppressed. We expect a dismissal from the State of Florida any day now. The...

Should I ask how much my case may cost before you start?

YES. YES. and YES. It is critical that any party should always ask about fees and potential expenses about a case. Almost everyone has a budget. It makes sense to talk with your potential lawyer about whether your needs can be met within your budget.

105 AVVO Reviews – ALL 5 STAR

I am very humbled to see that I am up to 105 reviews on AVVO.COM and all of them are 5 star reviews from clients. I am deeply appreciative of the kind words from these clients.

New QR Code for Way Law

Pleased to announce my cracker-jack marketing folks have come up with a QR code that will be added to my business cards and other materials this month.


Effective June 1, 2019, the Jacksonville Office of Way Law Firm, PA will be moving to 501 Riverside Avenue, Suite 728, Jacksonville, Florida 32202.

Death is Different 2019

Excited to spend some time with the best trial lawyers in the State learning about the latest in Death Penalty Litigation. FACDL puts on a great seminar.