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Tallahassee Criminal Defense Law Blog

Local Bar Associations

With a new year, I am proud to renew my commitment to the Tallahassee Chapter of Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Clay County Bar Association and the Jacksonville Bar Association.

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Death Qualified for 2018-2019

Just completed the 2018 Life Over Death seminar.  This intensive and important seminar provides invaluable training for handling capital cases.  This type of training is required to handle a death penalty case in Florida.

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State v. Davis After a 2 day trial, my client was acquitted of 2 counts in a jury trial in Liberty County, Florida.

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Clemency/Pardon Process

I attended a Pardon hearing for a client yesterday before the Governor and Cabinet.  This is a very tricky procedure.   If you are considering a Pardon, Restoration of Civil Rights or Commutation of Sentence – please consider contacting me.

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Happy clients!

A lawyer can’t make his or her clients happy.   That’s not what lawyers do.   However, RESULTS and positive communication can and often do make clients happy.   I’m extremely proud 84 different clients have taken the time to post online reviews.  Each of them has...

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Post Hurricane Irma

Way Law Firm’s Jacksonville Office will be fully functioning as of tomorrow.   Sorry for any delays.   The Courts should also be open tomorrow in Duval County as well.

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