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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about engaging our law firm or general information on fees, the answer may be below:

How much are your fees and what is the average cost?

The “cost” of legal fees is far, far less than the cost of not procuring effective representation. As a general rule, all civil matters (divorce, contracts, patent cases) are billed on an hourly fee basis with a minimum hourly fee of $350.00. In some cases, the hourly rate may be up to $550.00. Most hourly fee cases require a retainer of $3,500.00. The total costs can be much higher, depending on the nature, complexity and time associated with the case. All criminal cases are flat-fee cases, with the fees generally paid at the onset of representation. We can offer flat fees in civil cases. Please ask and we will offer a flat-fee option in almost all civil cases.

How much are criminal fees?

Every case is unique, but the general ranges are as follows: STATE CHARGES: Misdemeanor DUI ~ $5,000.00 to $10,000.00; Misdemeanor ~ $2,500.00-$5,000.00; 3rd Degree Felony ~ $7,500.00-$15,000.00; 2nd Degree Felony ~ $12,500.00-$25,000.00; 1st Degree Felony ~ $20,000.00-$50,000.00; LIFE Felony ~ $35,000.00-$150,000.00; Death Penalty Case ~ $250,000.00-$500,000.00; FEDERAL CHARGES: Misdemeanor ~ $7,000.00-$10,000.00; Felony ~ $15,000.00-$150,000.00; ALL FEES INCLUDE TRIAL BUT DO NOT INCLUDE THIRD-PARTY COSTS SUCH AS EXPERTS, COURT REPORTERS, AND/OR TRAVEL OUTSIDE THE COUNTY WHERE THE CASE IS BEING PROSECUTED.

Do you have a payment plan for flat fees?

Not generally. You really don’t want the lawyer to also be the banker. We will consider payment plans on a case-by-case basis, but any payment plan would require at least 50% down and the plan would last no longer than 60 days.